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Top 7 Permanent Makeup Procedures for 2020

Top 7 Permanent Makeup Procedures for 2020

If you want to wake up feeling confident in your natural complexion and without the burden of applying makeup, then permanent makeup might be the solution for you! In recent years, permanent makeup has been on the rise and it’s no wonder why. Permanent makeup can help enhance each and every aspect of your facial features including eyebrows, eye line, lips, and much more! By utilizing permanent makeup and undergoing the right procedures, you can wake up to the perfect cat-eye and dark eyebrows every day! The technology of permanent makeup is innovative, so now is as good a time as ever to consider a procedure from Ana Square! Let’s touch on some of the trends that are taking over the world of beauty and makeup in the year 2020.

Shaded Eyeliner

Shading your eye line simply calls for strokes, colors, and thickness to accentuate your eyes in the most flattering way possible. If you find yourself fond of beige eyeliner pencils, shadows with a pearly effect, or other colors in your eye makeup, then permanent shaded eyeliner can help you achieve the unique, tailored look you seek without the burden of everyday application! 

Blush Lips

Blush lips are a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shade of the lips, giving definition and fullness. Once healed, this treatment delivers a very natural look. As opposed to fillers and lip injections, a touch of lip blush is guaranteed to deliver authentic, plump lips!

Natural Thicker Brow

One optimal and efficient way to achieve natural-looking, thicker brows is through microblading. Microblading has become one of the hottest new trends in the past year when it comes to permanent makeup. Women all over the nation are utilizing this procedure as it is guaranteed to make eyebrows look full and rich with color without having to manually apply and refresh your makeup. The pigment used in microblading will fade over the first couple of weeks for clients to don a natural, yet ravishing look for their eyebrows. 

Powder Brow

Powdered brows are an ideal choice if you are trying to achieve a soft, ombre look as opposed to the defined strokes that microblading applies. Powdered brows are recommended for individuals with oily skin, mature skin, and for those wanting a soft look within their complexion. Powder brows implement a soft, lighter color at the start of the brow that leads into a darker color at the tail of the brow. Powdered brows can last anywhere from two to four years.

Scalp Micropigmentation 

Scalp micropigmentation is intended to restore the natural close-shaved appearance of real hair follicles with balded areas or a completely bald head. This procedure can also strengthen hair strands to a thinning head of hair to give the appearance of fuller hair coverage. This procedure can be used for both men and women! This simple procedure can be completed in a couple of sessions and requires no downtime. Scalp micropigmentation does not use any chemicals, which means no side effects. It also does not call for any incisions, so there is little risk of infection. Anesthetics can be used to keep the procedure pain-free. 

Shaded Lower Corner Eyeliner

If you ever smeared a half-inch thick stroke of black eyeliner under your eyes when you were a teen, then it’s likely you are more than aware of how tricky eyeliner can be. Do it correctly and you’ll achieve natural-looking definition that goes perfectly on its own or with other eye makeup. Do it wrong, however, and it can look like a complete mess. Thankfully, there are permanent makeup options that offer shaded eyeliner solutions for clients who want to give their eyes a sharper look. 

As your permanent makeup technician, Ana Square will use a light hand to sketch out a soft line just below the bottom lashes so that there is a bit of waterline exposed to keep the area looking tight. This adds the definition you’re going for without dramatically changing the proportions of the eyes. 

Eyelash Line Enhancement

Eyelashes can begin to look worn down after years of applying mascara and other makeup products. Thankfully, eyelash line enhancement can bring life to your lashes! The lashline enhancement procedure involves placing pigment between the lashes—not to be mistaken with a traditional eyeliner that is placed above the lash line, however. 

Lashline enhancement gives the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes while adding a beautiful contrast to the eye. The best part is, when you aren’t wearing any makeup, it does not give the appearance that you have a distinct eyeliner on. Lashline enhancement colors can be customized for each client based on their desired effect. 

Contact Ana Square to Schedule a Permanent Makeup Procedure, Today! 

Ana Square goes out of her way to help customers achieve their beauty goals. Whether you are in need of microblading, lash lifts, fillers, or any other permanent makeup procedure, we can provide! Contact us today for more information and to make an appointment. 

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