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Intensify Your Eyebrows with The Help of Ana Square Microblading

At Ana Square Microblading, we understand the importance of eyebrows. In fact, we’re always up-to-date on the trendiest looks.


It’s safe to say that eyebrows play a rather huge deal when it comes to physical appearance as they aid the framing of the eyes and shaping of the face. Without eyebrows, our complexions would be offset and that is exactly why Ana Square specializes in microblading!

Microblading services in El Paso
Microblading services in El Paso

Our Eyebrow Procedures Provide Miraculous Results

You’re bound to find yourself overwhelmed with all the specialized eyebrow services we proudly provide. If your eyebrows seem dull or faint, then microblading is your saving grace. This technique is intended to enhance the appearance of the eyebrows by matching and increasing pigmentation. In simpler terms, you could say it’s like being granted a whole new set of eyebrows!


We are also enabled to work on a microblading job gone wrong and make the necessary alterations! Microblading touchups are also for our existing clients who have had microblading done before and who do not need reshaping of the eyebrow, but only a refreshed look of the existing shape and design.

Delicate Eyebrow Shading Services Provided

Maybe you want something a little less intense than a full-on microblading procedure.

You’re in luck as Ana Square also provides eyebrow shading! Eyebrow shading is the process of applying a light powdery finished look to enhance your natural brows. This procedure is recommended for people with eyebrow hair that needs a fill-in for bald or empty spots.

Proudly Offering Ombré and Powder Brows

Some of the hottest trends we’ve been able to incorporate include ombre and powder brows!


Ombré Brows are semi-permanent and supply a unique and natural look for your eyebrow hair to fade into hues. This procedure is recommended for those who want a more dramatic eyebrow or who want to keep their natural hair and build on a more defined look. Powder brows elicit a full tattooed look with no strokes! Power brows mimic that of filled eyebrows, except this method provides you with softer edges and a more natural finish.

Achieve Permanent Beauty with Tattoo Eyebrows

If you’re looking for a more permanent fix, the option of tattoo eyebrows may be your best bet. This process involves a continuous filling of pigment into the skin to create a solid shape. Every procedure Ana Square provides comes with a free consultation and after-care advising.

Choose the Skilled and Ambitious Professionalism of Ana Square

Our microblading technician, Ana Square, obtains exclusive products and tools that
most individuals would struggle to find with other microblading services. The realm of makeup is constantly changing and introducing new ideas, so whether you would like a traditional or modern look, we can make that possible by altering and exemplifying your eyebrows!


Ana Square molds our microblading services to be time-efficient at fair rates! Our
microblading procedures will take no more than two hours of your time and you’ll be ready to display your new look! We are far from the average beauty and makeup clinic and we do not strive to meet the bare minimum. We’ll provide you with a microblading procedure that will keep your eyebrows fresh and full of color and life!

The Tattoo Application and Removal Services We Offer

Microblading is a very intense process, so the team at Ana Square takes all the necessary precautions to carry out a successful and clean procedure. The skin winds up being sensitive and more susceptible to damage, meaning slight bleeding and open wounds become more likely. Ana Square is one of the few local microblading technicians that is tattoo artist certified and blood pathogen licensed. You can trust that the team and Ana Square will keep your facial features from bacteria or any other harmful substances to stream throughout your body.


Because our tattoo artist, Ana Square, is licensed, she is also qualified for tattoo removal services. Tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink deposits with laser energy. With successive and regular treatments, you can expect the tattoo to gradually disappear. As the tattoo fades, you will need to care for your skin in the same manner that you protected it when your skin was fresh with ink. The tattoo removal process at Ana Square is rapid and free of pain!

Microblading: Convenient and Advantageous. Get Started with Us Today!

Eyebrow touchups and tattooing take no more than a maximum of two weeks to completely heal and you can expect the color to take full effect within a month! Our
microblading services last more than just a couple of years: they are here to serve you natural and magnifying looks for a lifetime! By working with our permanent makeup and tattoo artist, you never have to worry about spending day after day filling in your eyebrows.


Contact the Ana Square team today to upgrade your daily makeup application process!

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