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Lash Lift

Make Your Lashes Stand Among the Crowd with Ana Square’s Lash

You can forget about curling your natural eyelashes or applying fake lashes every morning with the help of Ana Square’s lash lift services! Choosing Ana Square for eyelash lifts and tints is perfect when you are trying to go for a whole new look and makeover. We can perm your lashes so that they look naturally curled.


As those permed lashes naturally fall out over time, the ones that grow through will take up your natural shape and they can be worked on for a touchup! You can expect your eyelashes to look as voluptuous and full as that of false eyelashes, with no extensions needed. Standing out in the crowd with long eyelashes is made possible with the care and cosmetic team at Ana Square Microblading!

Lash Lift services in El Paso

Incredible and Modifying Results that Accompany Lash Lifts

Lash lifts typically last anywhere from six to eight weeks and the procedure is rather
short. It only requires, at most, forty-five minutes of your time and you can be on your way with grandiose lashes!


Lash lifts can last even longer if you would like for us to apply a tint as well. Not only does the lash lift procedure stick around for a while, but you can reap many more benefits! It is completely fine to apply mascara to your desire, but you can skip this morning routine as you will notice that your eyelashes won’t really need them! Longer lashes also act as a defense mechanism, being able to help keep your eyes from coming into contact with debris or dust. Because your eyelashes will appear to be longer and darker, they can help you achieve a more youthful and lively look!


Lash lifts open up your eyes more, which is also beneficial when it comes to applying eye cosmetics and surrounding makeup. Ana Square is here to alter your makeup routine to become less demanding and more eye-catching!

Give Your Lashes the Lift They Need!

The maintenance for lash lifts is low and doesn’t require much. In the first twenty-four hours after a lash lift, it is advised to not apply any cosmetic product or water on your lashes. Waterproof liners and mascara become safe to use after the initial twenty-four hours. Not only is the maintenance low, but the costs are favorable! Making your eyelashes has never been easier nor cheaper.


Get connected with Ana Square to help you achieve great lengths with your eyelashes!