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Medical Spa

Medical Spa – Sculpt Your Body to Your Liking at Our Medical Spa

Med Spa in El Paso

Ana Square is proud to provide rejuvenation and cosmetic assistance with the best med spa of all El Paso! Our med spa is not only accessible to all, but we are also considered to be a top-notch business when it comes to botox and aesthetics. You can rely on our experienced technician, Ana Square, to carry out a great and flawless job! Ana Square continues to be a local and highly-reviewed med spa with a variety of services, so get started with us today!

Med Spa, Medical Spa

Full Beauty Services Provided by Ana Square

There are botox and waxing clinics all across the El Paso area, but nothing compares to Ana Square’s full beauty services, injections, and med spa treatments. Our med spa not only includes botox and waxing, but we are also proud to render services such as our sclerotherapy, dermal fillers, Kybella, facials, and the HCG weight loss program. All of these services are intended to rejuvenate your skin and contour your body to your desires.

Enhance Your Complexion and Facial Features

Every single one of our med spa services is followed by a consultation and regimen. Our Botox injections are noted to help reduce the formation of wrinkles, lazy eyes, and skin that sits under the eyes. If you find that your complexion needs to be plumper and your skin needs a lift, then dermal fillers are an excellent choice.


Dermal fillers help supply troubled areas of the face with collagen. Both the botox injections and dermal fillers only require a couple of days to take full effect and will last you for years to come!

Ana Square Implements Beauty in Every Curve and Corner!

Being able to tend to every part of your body is quite the task, so Ana Square also has med spa services that specialize in the entirety of your physique. Sclerotherapy is intended to help you treat and diminish varicose veins. It can be a challenge to go about your day with spider veins accompanying you, so we’ll asses how extreme your case of varicose veins are and treat accordingly to the area(s). We are also enabled to wax all areas of the body!


Waxing is also extremely effective by being able to dimish the rate at which hair grows. This helps make the hair on your body softer, finer, and less noticeable. Waxing is ideal, time-efficient, and helps to maintain smooth skin.

Achieve the Weight You Want to Be at With Our Weight Loss Services!

Losing weight calls for strength, motivation, and endurance. You shouldn’t have to take the journey alone! Ana Square is delighted to provide Kybella injectable treatment. The substance is injected into the areas of your body where you have the most trouble shedding weight and excess skin. If you would like an alternative, we can also place you on the HCG weight loss program! The HCG diet limits your daily calorie intake by five hundred calories a day for several weeks. This program is guaranteed to bring noticeable results!

Why Should You Choose Ana Square for Cosmetic Assistance

Most medical clinics have patients undergo surgery to attain physical alterations, but that is not necessary here with Ana Square! Our med spa services are non-surgical, therefore, you won’t have to undergo a time-consuming healing process nor worry about a permanent procedure gone wrong. Spas and beauty clinics are also infamous for providing customers with cosmetic services whose results take rather long to become perceptible. Ana Square is up to speed so we can assure you that our services will settle and take its shape within your body in no time! Ana Square Microblading is a med spa, tattoo studio, and medical connect, all in one!

Contact us to schedule a free consultation and initiate your body transformation today!