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Ana Square International Microblading and PMU Academy | Launch Your Beauty Career

At the Ana Square International Microblading and PMU Academy, we are proud to offer interested students with our expertise and learning opportunities! Ana Square is a certified Master Teacher in Permanent Makeup and Microblading by the prestigious Biotek International Academy of Milan, Italy.


You can trust Ana Square to guide you through the initial steps of training to prepare you for the microblading and PMU industry!


Our academic classes are organized into small groups to ensure that each and every student receives a hands-on, one-on-one personalized approach. You can expect to graduate from the academy with knowledge about the latest, up-to-date makeup trends and techniques. Enrolling in the Ana Square International Microblading Academy is the best way to ensure your readiness and confidence to deliver your clients with the best beauty skills and knowledge!

Who Can Register For the Permanent Makeup Academy?

Our academy is open and available to all of those who have a keen interest and motivation in the world of makeup! Previous PMU or microblading certification is not necessary to enroll, as we are willing to teach anyone and provide them with the necessary experience.


The courses under Ana Square include PMU basics which entail color theory, safety procedures, as well as a clinical section. A certificate of completion is granted to those who finish the required training and pass the exam.

Three-Day Long Training Program

What further enhances our academy is that it is time-efficient, enabled to teach our students everything about permanent makeup in a time-friendly manner. Our training program is broken up into three days. The first two days of training focus on teaching students about all makeup techniques. By the third day, students conduct live makeup work with a model. Professional Biotek Starter Kits are granted to students during the training and practice of makeup.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for the Ana Square International Microblading and PMU academy?

You can visit the Ana Square Microblading office and choose the class you wish to attend. It is required to contact the local organizer and pay the deposit. The deposit is non-refundable.

Will I be provided a model?

You must find a model for the practical part of the course and the application of
makeup. Students are responsible for securing their own models. The model must not have oily or sensitive skin (blemishes, redness on cheeks), previous permanent makeup in the area you will be working on, allergies (nickel, anesthetics, latex, iron oxide), chemical or laser peel done within the past six weeks, scars and sunburns, and conditions including anemia, heart/blood disease, epilepsy, low/high blood pressure, diabetes, hemophilia, HIV, hepatitis, cancer (if having been diagnosed in the past six months), autoimmune disease, and local dermatitis.


It is also vital to inform your model that their eyebrows must not be tinted, tweezed, or waxed before the treatment. If you cannot find a model, you can contact one of our course organizers for available candidates.

Do I need to buy materials or tools for the training?

Microblading is a manual technique where disposable or autoclave tools with disposable needs are used, so you won’t need to make any previous purchases.


Training for beginners are provided with a professional kit.

How much does the training cost?

The academy charges $3,500 USD.

Get Trained the Right Way Only with Ana Square

Before enrolling in our three-day course, you must ask your local authority whether you need any work permits to conduct work as a microblading artist. We highly suggest that our students research the specific outlines that are required and highlighted by your country of occupation. Each local authority differs when it comes to treatment and treatment room requirements, so it is in your best interest to refer to these guidelines as soon as possible. Ana Square is eager to see all those who are interested to thrive in the field of permanent makeup and microblading, so it is only natural to take these steps for successful training!


Don’t hesitate to contact Ana Square Microblading to learn more about our academy and our permanent makeup training.