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Meet Your Permanent Makeup and Microblading Master Artist

You don’t have to go out of your way to find the best microblading and permanent makeup services in El Paso, TX.


Ana Square is here to attend to your beauty care! Ana Luiza Square is a very passionate and skilled permanent makeup artist. She is currently the only Master Teacher in El Paso, Texas, certified in Microblading and Permanent Makeup by Biotek Milano Academy. Ana Square is an internationally-recognized master teacher.

Ana Square has been awarded multiple times by the following world-renowned
academies and associations:

● Texas Laser and Aesthetics Academy
● Branko Babić Phi Academy
● ANKA Academy of Micropigmentation
● Sviatoslav Ochtenash International Academy
● The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine

In fact, Ana Square is a triple-awarded makeup technician! Because she holds an MBA in International Commerce by ITESM, Ana Square is fluent in five languages. This enables her to work and meet with customers of all cultural backgrounds.

You won’t find anyone as driven about permanent makeup like Ana Square!

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You Can Confide in Our Makeup Procedures

You don’t have to worry about placing your health and beauty in the wrong hands, as Ana Square is a humble yet dedicated individual when it comes to her work and training.


Ana Square has undergone intense sessions of training and has been awarded her tattoo artist license amongst many other certifications. Ana Square Microblading carries out our services considerably and takes all the precautions needed. We want nothing more than to help you feel beautiful, and in doing so, we work safely and responsibly!

Minor Fixes and Makeovers: Where We Can Help

Our team at Ana Square Microblading has had many clients come to us for help, unhappy and far from satisfied with poorly done permanent makeup procedures. Whether you need specific touchups or would like to enhance the degree of your permanent makeup, we are more than capable! By giving us your preferences and illustrating the look you are going for, we can shape your physique to the way you have always dreamt it to be. Here at Ana Square, we make beauty happen!