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Permanent Make-Up – Achieve the Highest Degree of Beauty

Permanent Makeup in El Paso

The Ana Square makeup team is credited with being El Paso’s best microblading and tattoo makeup provider. Our makeup technician, Ana Square, is highly-reviewed and requested for work on brows, but she is also known to provide many other top-notch services! Because Ana Square has years of experience, she is able to provide you with the eyebrows, lips, and the overall beauty you’ve been looking for!


When it comes to proper microblading and permanent makeup, we are your top and reliable candidate.

Permanent Makeup services in El Paso by Ana Square Microblading

Ana Square – Master Artist in Permanent Makeup and Microblading – Exceed Your Standards of Beauty

Most women can relate to the infamous adages “pretty hurts” and “beauty is pain.” Here at Ana Square Microblading, we make sure that you never have to experience the irritable process of applying pounds of makeup! Ana Square is an experienced Master Teacher in Permanent Makeup and Microblading from Biotek Milano Academy, with years of experience to support her work. The work that Ana Square undergoes entails hands-on training and ties from the training received from professionals of prestigious cosmetic academies.

An Abundance of Permanent Makeup Services Providing Amazing Results

Ana Square and her permanent makeup procedures are enabled to carry out a variety of services!

Our permanent makeup services consist of microblading, shading, ombre brows, lash enhancement and tint, solid tattoo brow, smokey eyeliner, eyeliner tattoo, lipliner, 3D lips, ombre lips, hair removal, and hyperhidrosis treatment. Some technicians carry out poor permanent makeup procedures because they exaggerate your features. The professionals at Ana Square don’t seek to exaggerate your features, we want to compliment them!

In addition, Ana Square advocates that women pamper themselves. When you take better care of your body, your skin tends to glow, your hair shines and bounces with volume, and most importantly— you emit an exquisite aura overall! At Ana Square, we also provide Botox, dermal fillers, PDO threads, the HCG weight loss program facials, and waxing to keep you looking youthful and fresh!

A Competent and Precautious Team to Meet Your Needs

Working on human skin for cosmetic procedures calls for many precautions and safety procedures. Waxing, botox, and microblading operations can be very painful if they are not handled correctly. Treating our customers is our number one priority so we make sure that you don’t walk out unsatisfied or at risk of developing a serious condition!


Ana Square provides a healthy, safe, and serene environment to carry out our procedures. Our permanent makeup technician, Ana Square, is not only trained to sanitize materials and protect you from infection and irritation but she also strives to enhance our services by keeping it one-on-one! When you book an appointment with our technician, Ana Square, she will dedicate her time to you and only you! No matter how much time your requested procedure takes, we will occupy our focus on you.

Achieve the Look of Your Dreams with Ana Square!

Feeling beautiful is essential to love and appreciate your body. By choosing Ana’s craft, you’ll be able to live confidently and comfortably in your own skin. If you’re ready to embrace and amplify your physique, Ana Square is here to help! When you call our team, we will provide you with available times to be seen. Whether you would like to start with a consultation or jump right into the procedure, we can provide.

Once you book your appointment, our team will prepare accordingly and before you
know it, you’ll be able to work through life feeling charming and ravishing.

Ana Square Microblading is located in the eastern region of El Paso and we are suitable to serve people of all areas.

It’s your time to shine, so get in touch with us today!